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Update Farmer Consultation – Final 4 Meetings – May 2011

As part of the 4-year work programme of MulkearLIFE, the €1.75 million EC funded LIFE project, particular attention is being paid to working directly alongside local farmers in the catchment. Following ongoing discussions with the IFA, the ICMSA and Teagasc over the past number of months, MulkearLIFE is delighted to announce details of its public consultation process with the farming community throughout the month of May.

Cattle Grazing – Upper Bilboa River

In total eight parish based meetings have been organised and 4 meetings are remaining. The final 4 meetings will take place on Wednesday and Thursday nights in May and last approximately 90 minutes. The full details of the remaining 4 meetings are:

Wednesday 18 May at 9.00pm in Murroe Community Centre
Thursday 19 May at 9.00pm in Rear Cross Community Centre
Wednesday 25 May at 9.00pm in Oola Community Centre
Thursday 26th May at 9.00pm in Cappawhite Community Centre

The meetings are designed to outline the capital supports on offer from MulkearLIFE for those landowners / farmers with river frontage within the Mulkear Catchment (covering counties Limerick, Tipperary North Riding and Tipperary South Riding). Rivers include the Mulkear, Newport, Dead, Bilboa, Clare, Annagh and a large number of smaller tributaries. A minimum of 12 pilot farms in the Mulkear Catchment will be included in the programme of works.

Farmer involvement, which is entirely voluntary, is based on expressions of interest and will include farmers with intensive farm systems in the lower reaches of the catchment to extensive High Nature Value (HNV) farm system in the upper catchment. Each farm system will require an individual approach and there will be a need for a large degree of flexibility in each individual case.

Upper Bilboa River

Supports will include installation work which will entail, amongst other measures, the erecting of fencing along river courses, the installation of watering harvesting equipment, including gravity feed solutions with water piping and water troughs, installation of pasture pumps on farms, to include pumps, piping and fittings. Other measures may include the installation of solar pumped solutions.

New Fencing – Mulkear River

The support measures will in particular trial alternative water sources for cattle with direct access to the Mulkear river and its main tributaries (the Dead, Bilboa and Newport Rivers). The programme of work is designed to work hand in hand with local farmers to help improve water quality in areas affected by cattle disturbance due to trampling and faecal disturbance.

Uncontrolled Cattle Access

The pilot sites are being selected from interested applicants (beef or dairy, upland or lowland, those with cattle drinks on land or those with direct access to rivers and streams for cattle). Farmers themselves are being asked to identify how best to control the impacts of direct cattle access to rivers. It is expected that the work of will result in sustainable water solutions for cattle on a number of sites which formerly had direct access to the river. The pilot farms selected will also be used for demonstration days for other local farmers to highlight best practice.

Farm Demonstration Days Will Be Used To Highlight Best Practice in the Mulkear Catchment

The success of this ambitious programme of work will depend very much upon the level of involvement of the farming community in the Mulkear Catchment. Every farmer, especially those with river frontage in the Mulkear Catchment, has something to contribute to this programme of work. This may be something as simple as sharing your ideas, knowledge or experience of cattle access to rivers or new ways to overcome difficulties such access may cause. In some cases, it may mean coming on board as a pilot farm. All involvement is on a voluntary basis and is based on an expression of interest.

Involvement with MulkearLIFE will cost you nothing but your time. However, we hope that it will benefit you, your family and your farming operation for years to come.

Species Rich Riparian Zone

What do I do next? Attend any of the upcoming meetings over the next 4 weeks or simply get in touch with MulkearLIFE by: Writing, or Calling in, to MulkearLIFE, Inland Fisheries Ireland, Ashbourne Business Park, Dock Rd, Limerick. Telephone: 061 300 238 / E-mail: / Website:

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