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Project Management


Day-to-day Management

The day-to-day management of Mulkear LIFE is undertaken by the Project Team as headed by Mr. Ruairí Ó Conchúir (Project Manager). The project manager and Mr. Glen Wightman (Project Officer) work directly with the staff of the Inland Fisheries Ireland – Limerick (formerly the Shannon Regional Fisheries Board). Three support staff, located within the offices of Inland Fisheries Ireland (Limerick), work alongside the Project Team. The staff assigned to Mulkear LIFE includes a Financial Officer, a Fisheries Inspector and a Fisheries Officer. In addition, the Project Team work extremely closely with the Catchment Management Officer.

All finance and administrative issues are handled by the Project Team in conjunction with the Financial Officer assigned to the project. The Project Team have to date held regular team meetings and meetings with the Inland Fisheries Ireland staff assigned to the project. This system continues to function effectively. All European Commission / External Monitoring Team reporting and liaison is undertaken by the Project Manager and takes place via Inland Fisheries Ireland.

Role of Project Steering Committee

All project reporting is done via the Mulkear LIFE Project Steering Committee (PSC): The PSC is comprised of the key role-players involved in the Partners Agreement and acts as the main reference point for the Project Team. It is designed to ensure that a platform exits for all partners, and the NPWS as a very significant co-financer, to work in a spirit of co-operation to support the delivery of the various project actions at a local level. The PSC is comprised of the Project Team and two nominated parties from Inland Fisheries Ireland, the Office Public Works, Limerick County Council and the National Parks and Wildlife Service. The PSC adopted its Terms of Reference at a meeting on the 3rd December 2009. The PSC meets on a regular basis (quarterly or as the need arises) and the Project Team provide secretariat support and the project manager acts as Chairperson. The main objective of the PSC is to ensure the smooth management and effective functioning of Mulkear LIFE and to ensure the delivery of the commitments as laid out in the Agreement with the EU Commission (Project Ref: LIFE07NAT/IRL/000342 / Project Name ‘Restoration of the Lower Shannon SAC for Sea Lamprey, Atlantic Salmon and the European Otter’) in a timely and cost effective manner.

Key Management Functions of the Project Steering Committee

  • to act as a support to the Project Team and Project Beneficiary & Associate Beneficiaries & Co-financer
  • to act as a support to the wider Mulkear LIFE – Project Advisory Group (PAG) – the Mulkear Catchment Group and the specific Mulkear LIFE – Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs)
  • to oversee the delivery of the project actions of Mulkear LIFE as outlined in the EC Agreement and to work in a spirit of co-operation to achieve this
  • to ensure that the financial arrangements which underpin the implementation of Mulkear LIFE are adhered to
  • to ensure that all Partners and co-financers use the agreed recording mechanism (financial & staff time input)
  • to ensure that the implementation of Mulkear LIFE is a learning and information sharing process supporting the development of longer-term catchment policy on the Mulkear and elsewhere
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