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Project Actions


Action Plans

Action plans are key documents that will be delivered. These plans will be based on scientific studies and lessons learned from the conservation actions. The following are a list of the plans that will be developed.

  • Management Plan for the Mulkear
  • Enhancement of Salmon populations and biodiversity Considerations of habitat restoration for SAC’s
  • Management of upstream passage issues sea lamprey and monitoring of adult lamprey for SAC’s
  • Management guideline for otter in SAC’s
  • Management of riparian zones for riverine SAC’s
  • Guide to sustainable water management on farms in close proximity to SAC’s
  • Detailed Habitat Development plan for Newport and Bilboa River

Conservations Actions

Conservation actions are the key actions that will enhance the Mulkear catchment. Scientific studies from these conservation actions will form the basis for the action plans.

  • River habitat restoration for Atlantic salmon in a drained section of the main river channel (Mulkear)
  • River habitat restoration for Atlantic salmon in a drained section of the Newport and Bilboa River
  • Easement of sea lamprey passage by retrofitting and modification of two fish passes and customisation of weir to facilitate lamprey passage
  • Action for otters (Reintroduction of habitat for otters)
  • Control and subsequent removal of Giant Hogweed and Japanese knotweed (local area)
  • Control and subsequent removal of Giant Hogweed and Japanese knotweed (OPW area)
  • Control and subsequent removal of Himalayan balsam
  • Replacement of coniferous forest with natural broadleaf vegetation along stretches planted with coniferous forest
  • Improvement of water quality in areas affected by cattle disturbance due trampling and faecal disturbance

Public awareness and dissemination of results:

Creating public awareness and distribution of the results is a key element of the Mulkear LIFE project. The following are a list of actions that will help in this area.

  • Creating awareness amongst the community: Public Awareness and Participation Workshops
  • Creating awareness amongst school kids
  • Educational lectures
  • Development and management of website, with an educational dimension, including volunteer census activity
  • Media activity relating to education and community monitoring actions
  • Development of information brochures/newsletter and signage about the project

Project Operation and Monitoring:

The following actions will be used to help assess the effectiveness of the conservation action. The following are a list of the actions that will assist in the monitoring of the project

  • Project Steering Group
  • Employment of Project Team
  • Fish stock survey
  • Monitoring of fish passage works and post works upstream migration of sea lamprey to new spawning beds
  • Monitoring of effectiveness and cost per effort of invasive weed control in the riparian zone and recovery of native vegetation
  • Monitoring of practicalities and recovery of riparian zone by replacement of coniferous trees with native broadleaves and open spaces
  • Trial of alternative water sources for cattle with direct access to the river and monitoring of improvements in water quality
  • Liaison with other EU LIFE Nature/Biodiversity projects

Full List of Project Actions

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