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Other Irish LIFE Projects

The following is a list of New, Existing and former LIFE Nature / LIFE+ Nature projects In Ireland

Inland Fisheries Ireland (Swords): Control of aquatic invasive species and restoration of natural communities in Ireland: This is the MulkearLIFE’s sister project. The overall objective of the project is to contribute to halting the loss of biodiversity in Irish freshwater ecosystems by preventing further impact on native biodiversity from high impact aquatic invasive species. This will be done through development and demonstration of effective control methods; a programme of stakeholder engagement and awareness-raising; and policy development and dissemination. Site-specific objectives are the eradication of Lagarosiphon major from Lough Corrib and the prevention of further spread of three aquatic invasive species by implementing control measures in a key dispersal corridor of the Grand Canal and Barrow Line.
Project Website:

IRD Duhallow LIFE+ Project. The project is directed towards the conservation of freshwater pearl mussel, Atlantic salmon, otter, kingfisher and dipper on the River Allow, a tributary of the River Blackwater SAC. These species are integral to the river and require high quality river water status to survive. The work of the project is to bring about a sustained enhancement of the river bed and the riparian zone. Project Website:

“Demonstrating Best Practice in Raised Bog Restoration in Ireland” is the fourth nature conservation project jointly funded by EU DG-Environment, the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht and Coillte (The Irish Forestry Board) under the EU LIFE-Nature Programme. The project is being managed by Coillte and focuses on the restoration of 636 ha of raised bog habitat on 17 Coillte owned sites within the Natura 2000 Network and in Natural Heritage Areas. This project implements best practice restoration techniques developed in Coillte’s previous Raised Bog Restoration Project (LIFE04 NAT/IE/000121). Project Website:

National Parks & Wildlife Service: BurrenLIFE: The BurrenLIFE project was a major farming for conservation project in the west of Ireland. It worked in one of the most important and best-known landscapes in Europe. The overall objective of BurrenLIFE was to develop a new model for sustainable agriculture in the Burren in order to conserve the habitats of the region designated under the Habitats Directive. The project has come to an end and now Phase II is about to begin with a Burren wide farming for conservation scheme. Project Website:

Coillte Restoring Priority Woodland Habitats in Ireland: This project aimed to restore natural woodland habitat by removing non-native trees and invasive exotic shrubs and by reinstating natural water regimes to promote natural regeneration of the priority woodland habitat. This four year project targets the restoration of 550.8 ha of these priority woodlands, which have been impacted in various ways by human activities in the past. Project Website:

Coillte Restoring Raised Bog in Ireland: This project aims to restore 571.2 hectares of raised bog habitat on Coillte property in the Midland counties. This project is the largest single raised bog restoration project to have been undertaken in Ireland. By the end of this project, significant habitat restoration work will have been completed on over 5% of the national area of raised bog conserved in SAC’s – a significant contribution to conservation of the most valuable raised bog habitat in Europe. Project Website:

Coillte Restoring Active Blanket Bog In Ireland: The principal project objectives were to restore up to 1,989.0ha of blanket bog on 20 sites to a favourable conservation status. To achieve this, the project focused on tree removal to prevent afforestation, blocking drains to raise water levels to promote bog growth and to fence off bogs thus restricting cattle access which can damage bogs. Project Website:

Golden Eagle Trust: The re-introduction of Golden Eagle into the Republic of Ireland: This project intended to start a re-introduction programme for the golden eagle in the Glenveagh National Park in Donegal. The conditions in this park are considered ideal for the species as there are adequate live prey densities, suitable nesting crags, high numbers of raven and buzzards and a legal protection mechanism through its designation as SPA. The project is promoted by the Irish Raptor Study Group and works closely with the Glenveagh National Parks and Wildlife Service to release young birds collected from Scotland. Project Website:

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