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MulkearLIFE Management Plan

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There is continued commitment to fulfilling this the most recent Mulkear Management Plan. The Management Plan outlines the list of stakeholder engagements and the commitments they have made to ensure that the actions outlined above are fulfilled. These targeted actions extend across multiple competencies and multiple agencies. The various agencies have statutory commitments and programmes in place, as core functions of their organisations. The Mulkear CM process and laterally MulkearLIFE has provided for strategic planning for core development projects and monitoring surveys with the benefi t of other sectoral requirements and needs. The EU LIFE project has provided fi nancial assistance to provide for a greater quantity of works as well as strengthening the multi-stakeholder approach for the Mulkear. Although the quantity of works may reduce without this funding, the strategic planning of core programmes through this framework will have important benefi ts for the protection, conservation and development of the Mulkear resource. The management group will continue to seek funding to ensure that the aims and targets of the management plan come to fruition. It is also felt that the impetus made during the MulkearLIFE project will act as a catalyst for similar projects in other catchments and act as a guiding light to a national catchment policy.

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NulkearLIFE Management Plan

MulkearLIFE Management Plan

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