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MulkearLIFE delighted to present at the LIFE+ Information Seminar

MulkearLIFE was delighted to be offered the opportunity to present at the LIFE+ Information Seminar. The aim of the LIFE+ Seminar was to inform potential applicants about the LIFE+ Programme and the new e-proposal process of applying for LIFE funding. The seminar was hosted by the Department of the Environment in the Custom House, Dublin.

The Crest and Harp on the Custom House, Dublin

Ms. Breda Bailey and Mr. Brian Earley, LIFE+ Programme National Contact, Department of the Environment, outlined the process laid down in the sixth LIFE+ call for proposals which was published on 13 March 2012. The deadline for applicants to submit proposals to Member State authorities is 26th September 2012. The calendar of the LIFE+ 2012 selection procedure was outlined as follows:

13/03/2012 Publication of the call in the Official Journal
26/09/2012 Deadline for applicants to send proposals to Member State authorities
02/10/2012 Deadline for the Member States to forward proposals to the European Commission
16/10/2012 Deadline for the Member States to enter comments on proposals
01/07/2013 Earliest project start date

Full details here:
LIFE Funding 2012

Successful projects (2011) will be announced from Brussels within weeks (Image: RÓC)

MulkearLIFE’s presentation outlined various practical tips (do’s & don’ts) prior to the LIFE+ application stage and at application stage. The project also outlined the experience of MulkearLIFE in the start-up phase and the success the project has achieved over the past three years. This segment of the presentation focused on the work of Inland Fisheries Ireland as coordinating project partner, and the work of the two main associated project partners, the Office of Public Works and Limerick County Council and the project main co-financer National Parks & Wildlife Service.

The seminar included an excellent presentation by Mr. Philip Murphy, Manager of EU Affairs with Coillte on the Coillte project ‘Demonstrating Best Practice in Raised Bog Restoration in Ireland’

Philip Murphy, outlines past and present Coillte LIFE+ projects (Image: R. Ó Conchúir)

On the theme Policy and Governance, Gillian Bruton, Project Manager of the DEPOTEC project ‘Depolymerisation Technology for Rubber with Energy Optimisation to produce Carbon Products’ gave an interesting presentation. Mr. Timothy Hayes, Head of Information and Communication, with the European Commission Office in Dublin also presented at the seminar. His presentation focused on the importance of information dissemination activities and the need for a greater number of LIFE+ projects from Ireland.

Gillian Bruton, UCC, Project Manager of DEPOTEC (Image: Ruairí Ó Conchúir)

Ms. Anne Seekings-Le Quement, from the DG Environment of the European Commission, gave an extremely interesting, detailed and interactive presentation on the E-Proposal System for LIFE+ projects an overview of the registration process. Ms. Anne Seekings-Le Quement is the Project Manager for the new system which is being introduced for the first time with the 2012 Call For Proposals. The Commission will check projects against the LIFE+ eligibility criteria and will assess the e-proposals on the basis of the LIFE+ selection and award criteria.

Ms. Anne Seekings-Le Quement outlining the E-Proposal System (Image: R. Ó Conchúir)

The seminar also included an excellent presentations by Dr. Andy Bleasdale from the National Parks & Wildlife Service, outlining the priorities of the NPWS over the next 8 years and the potential for LIFE+ projects in priority areas, and by Mr. Kevin Greene from the Department of Environment encouraging local partnerships for LIFE+ projects from a wide variety of areas.

MulkearLIFE is extremely grateful to the Department of Environment and in particular to Ms. Breda Bailey and Mr. Brian Earley in LIFE+ Programme National Contact point and to Mr. Kevin Greene in the Department of Environment for giving MulkearLIFE the opportunity to present at the event.

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