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AfterLIFE Conservation Plan

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The EU LIFE+ Nature project MulkearLIFE ( titled “Restoration of the Lower Shannon SAC for Sea Lamprey, Atlantic Salmon and the European Otter” (LIFE07NAT /IRL / 000342) with the project acronym ‘LrShannonSACLAEO’, was in operation from 2009-2014. MulkearLIFE’s target area was the Mulkear catchment, which drains an area of approximately 650 km² across Counties Limerick and Tipperary, within Ireland’s largest river catchment, the Shannon River.
As MulkearLIFE comes to an end it is of critical importance that, in the After LIFE phase of the project, the main stakeholders build on the highly successful implementation of project actions to date.

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MulkearLIFE afterLIFE plan
AfterLIFE Conservation Plan

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